The foundation

The Wageningen Diaconal Centre Foundation has a board currently made up of eight members. The board draws up annual plans and reports, manages the finances and is responsible for appointing and supervising staff and volunteers and maintaining external relations with other community organizations. Board members are expected to endorse the mission statement. The board has also drawn up evaluation criteria which will be used to assess whether the objectives of the drop-in centre are being realized in practice.

  • Willemijn Lammers (chairman)
  • Wijnanda Schouten (secretary)
  • Leo Brozius (finance)
  • Evert de Bruine
  • Evert van Bodegom
  • Carla Kool-Kwakkel
  • Marja Ogink
  • Xavier Garnier

The board has expressed its vision and ambitions for the drop-in centre in a mission statement. The vision for the drop-in centre is inspired by the ‘presence approach’, in which the core values are ‘welcoming others’ and ‘being there for others’ while accepting them just as they are. You do this by listening to others without imposing your interpretation on what they say or trying to solve a problem. The other person is free to be your guest, with no obligations. The point is to meet each other.

The executive board of the foundation has a sounding board in the advisory council, which includes representative from the various churches and faith groups that actively support the centre. This committee advises the executive board on the annual plan and budget, the annual report and accounts and other policy plans. The advisory council can also offer advice, solicited or not, and help with drawing up the year’s programme and with implementing the foundation’s plans. The advisory counsil is represented by: