Markt 17 Drop-in Centre is almost entirely run by volunteers. There is a team of people who play the role of host or hostess. They keep the room clean and tidy. Another team of volunteers prepares the meal, and will also do the shopping for it. Volunteers are on duty on average once every 14 days for about 3 hours, together with one or more fellow volunteers.

Working with volunteers necessitates clear arrangements and good planning. So as to get a clear picture of the experience people bring to the work and the amount of time they can offer, certain things are set down in a volunteer agreement. Before they set to work, volunteers also follow a training course so that they have a good idea of what is expected of them. The training course pays a lot of attention to the ‘presence approach’. The volunteers are also supported by Jaap de Graaff, an experienced professional who is already coordinating the setting up and running of Markt 17.

The team of volunteers for Markt 17 Drop-in Centre could use some reinforcement. For more information about this, contact foundation board member Carla Kool-Kwakkel (info@inloopcentrumwageningen.nl) or the coordinator, Jaap de Graaf (j.s.degraaff@gmail.com). They will be glad to tell you more about the possibilities.